We were delighted to discover that next year the Wilkhahn Metrik conference and visitor chairs designed by whiteID Integrated Design will win the “Gold” German Design Award.

The “Gold” German Design Award is a particular honour that will be awarded to us for the second time for a seating design – but this time for adults. Whereas we won the last “Gold” award for the pioneering design of a child’s car seat, this time the award will be presented for a cantilever chair which has been primarily developed for the modern world of work and public spaces. Metrik perfectly exemplifies the constant striving of the company Wilkhahn to further develop product typologies and to improve them in the sense of trendsetting aesthetics and usage.

The very selective nomination process of the German Design Award ensures that only design achievements which have already demonstrably excelled in previous awards due to their design quality are invited to participate. This year over 5,400 products and communications designs were submitted. The jury selects one Gold prize-winner per category. The “Gold” award represents the pinnacle of performance in international design and is only awarded to the best of the best.

We would like to thank the jury of the German Design Award and the company Wilkhahn for their confidence entrusted in us!

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