horse stable and caravan for Schleich

Emotive design, full of playing functions and technically clever …

The Horse Club horse stable and caravan from Schleich® are designed with an eye for detail, offer a large variety of age-appropriate playing functions and are easy and intuitive to set up.

WhitelD has been designing and developing products for the worldwide renowned and popular manufacturer of detailed animal figurines and playsets. The horse stable is the largest and most comprehensive product from the Horse Club play world in this long and successful cooperation to date.

The caravan expands this play world with an engaging and compact wagon that offers obvious as well as discoverable playing functions on two levels.

“The horse stable and caravan from Schleich are wonderful examples for successful product developments, with the long term objective of offering children many playing options and sparking enthusiasm to give them room for their own creative approaches and stories…”

Quote from Andreas Hess