big DINOSAUR research station

The Schleich big DINOSAUR research station is yet another example of age-appropriate and inspiring product development with the lasting aim of offering children an exciting world of play-based adventure. It gives them the freedom to develop their own creative approaches and tell their own stories through ingenious play functions and imaginative building design.

From the initial draft concept to its technical realisation and start of series production, the whiteID team was able to make a significant contribution to expanding the Schleich brand’s Dinosaur world. The initial concept and design of buildings, concept idea and technical realisation of the play functions as well as the material-appropriate technical implementation were achieved by the experienced whiteID “Toy development team”. We love playing…

The DINOSAUR team consists of the three Colby brothers MAXX, LUIS and FLYNN. They set about finding out the secrets. MAXX, the leader, has plenty to do with the Schleich Dinosaurs’ big dinosaur research station. Apart from its command centre, the station also has an observation platform with a swivelling tranquillizer dart gun and a crane. The lower area houses the quarantine room for freshly caught dinosaurs. This is where the initial examinations are carried out and the dinosaurs can then be let through the trap door into the enclosure.