The large animal rescue truck is the perfect addition to all the research station products, completing the Schleich® Wild Life world of play. Schleich has once again succeeded in developing a game that expands children’s play experience and, thanks to its compatibility with existing products, encourages children to think up new, creative and imaginative stories.

The whiteID team is proud to have been able to support Schleich once again on such a successful project. From the initial draft concept to its technical realisation and start of series production, the whiteID “Toy Development Team” was able to make a significant contribution to this project. And it is not just children’s creativity and imagination that is inspired by these wonderful Schleich worlds of play …

Ranger Tom and his friend Ted, the meerkat, are on safari and find a lioness that needs urgent treatment in the truck. To do this, Tom and Ted lower the treatment cabin of their truck onto the ground. The lioness can now be treated because the truck is perfectly equipped for it: Ranger Tom always has bandages and a stethoscope with him. After the treatment, the lioness is placed in the transport box. With the help of the crane, the cabin is first pulled onto the truck and then the box can be attached to the truck. Tom and Ted release the lioness at a large water hole where she can recover!