To coincide with the International Creativity and Innovation Day on 21 April 2021, DIONO is launching the long-awaited Monterey® 5 iST FixSafe™ i-Size into the US market. The product will then be launched into the Canadian market 2 weeks later, followed by other markets.

Space-optimised for transportation and the mobility mix of the future, material-efficient, easy to use, state-of-the-art safety technology, extremely durable and provoking an emotional response. These key values describe the Monterey® 5 iST FixSafe™ i-Size child car seat which has been designed by whiteID in close collaboration with DIONO, the Seattle-based manufacturer of child safety equipment.

The design of the Monterey® 5 iST FixSafe™ i-Size has been designed to meet our changing mobility needs and an increasing requirement for sustainable products. The folding function of the child car seat enables it to be compressed into a minimal pack size of 78 litres, ensuring its shipping footprint is as low as possible both from a space-saving and resources perspective. Its compact and cubic volume means it is easy and manageable to transport from home to car, from car to tram, from tram to aeroplane and also on foot when carried on the back. The very compact and integrated design is easy to grip and store in car boots, luggage compartments and luggage racks. When unfolded with a handle, it is a comfortable and spacious child car seat that can be adjusted through a synchronised height and width adjustment for children between 4 and 12 years of age. The DIONO Monterey® 5 iST FixSafe™ i-Size is approved in accordance with the current European approval standard ECE R 129 i-Size and therefore meets the latest safety requirements.

An 8-year usage period, approx. 40 litres less transportation volume, 1000 grammes less packaging and 2000 grammes of material savings in comparison to competitive products, type-separable parts and the option of easy and practical transportation by hand, in the car boot or luggage compartment make Monterey 5 a sustainable safety product that already meets the mobility requirements of the next few years.